Safety Policy

Adherence to all local laws protecting the environment is required. Factories must conduct...

Fire Fighting:

The factories are fully compliant of fire safety standard and have trained in-house fire fighting Team. In case of fire, smoke detectors, fire alarm and emergency light will activate in every floor.

Fire Fighting Tools & Accessories:

To combat fire, fire-fighting procedure, emergency evacuation procedure, and evacuation maps are placed in every floor. Fire extinguishers, buckets, beaters, hooks and fire hydrant are clearly marked every day. All firefighting equipment used are inspected on a monthly basis for damage, obstruction and audit tags are attached with each equipment.

Fire Drill:

At least one fire drill is conducted one month and documented in a fire Drill Register, which is counter signed by the local fire Department .All relevant information, is available in the Fire Drill Register including ratio of male to female workers and time taken for evacuation.

Factory Environment:

The factories provide a safe place of work and adhere to all local laws relating to health and safety .The factory floors are well ventilated and lighted. Clean toilets / washrooms; proper dining area and potable drinking water are provided to all the workers of the factory. Drinking Water Test Report is available for ready reference.

Waste Management:

All plastic, paper and fabric waste are recycled on routine basis to properly discharge the waste material.

Metal Contamination:

The factories do not use any pins and staples in production. Factory has sealed containers in all sections for metal disposal. An inventory of tools boxes in all sections. Sharp tools inventory control chart for all department is readily available. All trimmers, points, scissors are secured to the working table. No hazardous instruments are being used in the work place.

Needle Policy:

Records are maintained for the control of new, used and broken needles. Record for Kimball tag guns are also available. All needles are removed from idling machines. Sewing machines have needle guards and over lock machines have eye guards. Furthermore, a hand held metal detector and conveyor type scanning machines are used to scan every finished garment before cartooning. Needle detector calibration is done every two hours.

Maintenance of Machinery & plant Fixtures:

To safe guard workers from any accidents/job related injuries, plant equipment such as electric generator, machine guard, gas boiler, electrical fitting and etc. Are checked periodically, Emergency lights are tested weekly and records maintained .All boiler operators are trained by the local bureau and have certificates of training as well as Boiler Operator’s License.

Protective Gear & Signage:

Band Knife machines are railed and machine operators are always wearing gloves for protection. No dangerous chemical or fire hazardous substance is kept in the Factory. Moreover, personal protective equipment such as gloves goggles, facemask, etc. are also provided to undertake any aspect of the work safety. All rotating or movable parts of sewing machines are pulleys have guards. Management has ensured such machinery equipment’s are properly guarded & pictorial signage is posted.