A garment is made not only from the apparel fabric but also various accessory items. Fabric is the basic material in garment manufacturing.

Fabric Inspection:

1.Fabric supplier inspects 100 % of the fabric before sending to the factory.
2.Factory is receiving reports of the above said check.
3.Factory conducts a four point Inspection System check on the fabric.
4.Factory has a fabric inspection machine equipped with variable speed control, over head light, Yard / meter counter and overfeed.
5.Factory checks at least 10 % of the bulk .Checking is done by 2 people.
6.Factory evaluates shade deviation against standard color prior to cutting.
7.Records are available for fabric inspection.

Fabric Storage:

1.All goods are stored on pallets.
2.All goods are covered.

Fabric Shrinkage:

1. Shrinkage tests are done prior to bulk cutting.
2.Tested fabric represents all colors and batches


1.Trims cards are always available.
2.Buttons are checked with button pull test machine.