Clothing designer, with the help of his technical knowledge, makes the initial specifications and markers, the fabric is then cut using templates and sewn.

Spreading and Cutting:

1.All parts on the same garments is of same quality cut from the same day’s lot /layer.
2.All parts of the same garments are cut is the same direction.
3.Tension is checked manually during spreading.
4.Ply height is according to fabric type.
5.All pattern pieces on marker placed in correct grain line.
6.Pattern pieces are not damaged or overlapped when markers are drawn.
7.Pins are not used when fastening marker to the fabric.

Trial cutting:

Trial cutting is performed before production starts approximate quantity is 300 pcs.

Cutting /Trimming:

1.Trimming is taken care of throughout the stitching but mainly in the trimming section.
2.Final trimming is done at the finishing floor before packing the garments.