Since 1984

Company History

MN Group established in 1984 by Great successful business man Late Al-Hajj Monir Ahmed. He was the founder, Chairman & Managing Director of M. N. Group. At the time, Mr. Moinuddin Ahmed Mintu was the director of M. N. Group. This Garments started with only 45 Machines & 130 employees. And export value was only $72,000 per month.

This company also established another garment unit in 18th April 1996 which name is M. N. Knit wears Ltd.

In the year of 1999, M. N. Group lost founder Late Al-Hajj Mr. Monir Ahmed. Then Mr. Moinuddin Ahmed Mintu becomes the Hon’ble Managing Director. And then, M. M. Brothers Wears Ltd. was established in 16th January 2001. Day by day, M. N. Group is enriching her business area by Mr. Moinuddin Ahmed's great leadership activities and in 29th November 2006, another garment unit M. N. Clothing Ltd. was established.

At present, M. N. Group is very well Known and famous group of garments manufacturing sector in Bangladesh. And now our Employees are 3000 (three thousand) with 1000+ Machines. Now our business turnover is about $20.00 million per year.

MN Group Believes that all this success is coming from our Employees, Agents, Buyers, Bankers & Person who are engaged with us.

M. N. Group is one of the most successful manufacturers in Bangladesh; a country with great potential in the field of garment-manufacturing. M. N. Group has acquired an adaptable production chain to supply flexible orders in shorter lead-time. Being an industry-standard certificate holder, M. N. Group assures the perfect blend of quality & efficiency.

M. N. Group has passed over 33 years of accomplishment, aiming to lead the competitive woven and knit apparels manufacturing organizations in Bangladesh. It has laboriously re-engineered each step of its value-chain to match the dynamism of the world fashion market.

M. N. Group has expanded its capacity, developed a skilled workforce and introduced integrated modern technologies, to remain globally up-to-date. It is truly an organization with a glorious past and a bright future.