Health Policy

Present day the garment workers in Bangladesh who want a safe and healthy workplace.

Health Attendants:

Factory has a full time Doctor and Nurse. A proper First Aid Team is being trained by Doctor. Qualification of the Doctor, Nurse & First Aid Team are readily available in the factory .Furthermore ,a registered physician provides health screening, age certification and counseling on hygiene to all the workers on a routine basis.

First Aid:

First Aid box is available in all departments and usage records are kept. Selected workers and line supervisors have been trained to the factory workers.

Injuries and Accidents:

In case of serious injuries / accidents, workers are taken to the hospitals. Any injury/ accident of the workers that take place in the factory are properly documented in a register with their name, section, date and cause of the injury / accident and preventive measures are taken and recorded as well.


Factory is not using thinner for stain removal; rather has a separate room where the workers are engaged in stain removal use Carbon Filter Masks for protection.